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Karamolegos Bakery automates its supply chain processes with Entersoft WMS®


Karamolegos Bakery has had a successful journey that started in the year 1950, from a bakery in Santorini where it operated as a small family business. During this entire time, Karamolegos Bakery has been preparing its products with love and care, combining nutrition principles and modern production methods in order to always offer the best bread products to Greek families.

The company carries daily with vans and only in Athens 15,000 products, through a total of 65 itineraries, to about 5,500 outlets. At the same time, from the central warehouse in Koropi, they are distributing daily to dealers and agencies through 20 trucks about 300 pallets, which correspond to 20,000 products.

"For us, Entersoft WMS is one of the most important software investments in recent years. Thanks to its exceptional technology, it has brought the back office closer to the warehouse, with real-time updates.

All our procedures are now automatic, exceptionally quick and effective, while management has at its disposal valuable information to support its business decisions", says Stathis Markou, Logistics and Warehouse Director, Karamolegos S.A..

Download the case study to find out more about how Karamolegos Bakery automates its supply chain processes with Entersoft WMS®.

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