SocrateERP manages all the processes of the 20 companies in the group and helps the management to make the best decisions for increased competitiveness in the wine market.

Jidvei ERP Case Study SocrateCloud

Jidvei is a group of 20 companies and their main activities are wine and brandy production, viniculture, breeding and animal sale, cereal growing and sale, production of ecological building materials, bakery, catering and services. Jidvei is currently the third largest producer of wine in Europe, with over ten million bottles of wine sold annually, its main sales market being the local one.

The constant concern for quality and continuous development, has convinced Jidvei to choose a
flexible and open integrated ERP solution, to help it gain competitive advantage on the wine market at national and international levels. 

SocrateERP manages procurement, inventory, production, bottling, retail and distribution, fixed assets, agricultural equipment, bakery, farming, agrotourism, canteens and kindergartens.

The implementation of SocrateERP had a signicant contribution with immediate results in optimizing processes and communication between departments and companies in the group, reducing operating
and processing time, reducing operational costs and helping them making quick decisions based on accurate and in real time information.

Download the case study to read some more information about the advantages our SocrateERP solution brings to agribusinesses such as Jidvei. 

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