Book distributor, publisher and business conferences organizer, manages it’s entire activity with SocrateERP & CRM

Byblos ERP Case Study SocrateCloud


Byblos is an importer and online distributor of IT, business, management, finance, public relations and medicine books, being also a distributor of Microsoft Press and Cisco Press for Romania.
Byblos is present on the IT&C publications market, publishing the IT Trends magazine, and it is also organizing IT & Business conferences and events.

The increasing amount of invoices and documents generated by the import and publishing activities, as well as the desire to better manage the conferences, generated the need of implementing an
integrated ERP&CRM solution to satisfy the company`s functional and technical requirements.

SocrateERP&CRM solution supports the development trends and internal needs of Byblos, responding to demands for more efficient workflow within the company and integrating the purchasing, distribution, control of receipts and payments, as well as the customers and partners
relationship management.

Byblos improved its decision-making process based on real-time reporting, optimized its costs and increased its ability to react quickly to market changes. Using SocrateERP, the company optimized the time for campaigns launching and tracking by automated management of all customers and events information.

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