Why you should try SocrateOpen?

Date: 04-12-2010
Author: Bit Software

For me, the person in tangential relationship with management software, accounting software, human resources software, etc., SocrateOpen has brought more like philosophy than IT. And after I read and re-read about it, I realized that it is just philosophy. Pure philosophy. Of life. The principles and practices that allow you access to knowledge and sharing, implemented in a manner that does nothing but relieve you, and to facilitate access to some software whose source code is available under a license that permits users to use, change, improve and to redistribute the software.

I admit, was even less fun to play with him. The more so as there is not hard at all. In the main menu, you have at hand all the information you need on products, third parties, accounts, schedule, orders, invoices, delivery, resources, etc. You can create orders, invoices, collect prepaid orders, you can manage cash flow by automating processes associated with the receipts and payments, etc. In addition, it gives you all the information about existing and potential customers and partners (marketing, sales, service), allows an analysis of performance or allows creating professional web sites and publish all information in your organization's intranet.

And to put it technically, SocrateOpen provides a fully integrated feature rich and user friendly, for medium organizations and divisions of large organizations. Unlike traditional systems, it is organized so that they can be assimilated into normal business processes. It is offered as a fully integrated system and not a series of modules coupled between data transfers that occur.

So that, if you care even a little to your time, but especially to your image, it can not hurt to make a short visit to www.bitsoftware.ro. And we talk after.