What can distribution companies learn from the Uber experience?

Date: 05-10-2015
Author: Alina Răfoi


Uber is evolving the way the world moves and how people move through the city. Everything was possible with a (seemingly) simple application that can be installed on any smartphone and connects drivers and customers, making transportation more accessible in the city. At the same time, it opens more opportunities for drivers to open their own business.

Uber’s success lies precisely in the innovative business model that has been so well designed that revolutionized the market. Therefore the key to success lies in innovation. A product or service can be changed so much that it completely transforms everything we knew so far. Although they focus on improving the existing products, which, changes that most often bring an increase of the selling price, companies might get surprised at some point when the customer switches to a similar low-priced or to a more innovative product. Innovation creates new markets or transforms the existing ones.

Innovation can be successfully applied by distribution companies. Success can be influenced even by the software solution used for managing the entire distribution process.


Distribution requires tracking wide range of products over widely dispersed distribution networks. Accurate inventory ensures that there are no surprises when it comes to shipping products and also keep carrying costs low. Delivering to customers on time is crucial in retaining customers.


Using complete ERP solutions for distribution that integrate all processes and channels, distributors are able to make quick decisions based on accurate information and quickly carry out the forecasts. Using an ERP for Distribution helps you streamline the processes and be one step ahead of your competition.


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