Social networks, the main means of communication for business purposes?

Date: 13-01-2011
Author: Bit Software

A recent study by Gartner pointed to the fact that the growing availability of services like social networking, combined with changing working styles, will make that in 2014 about 20% of employees use social networks as the main way communication for business purposes. How microblogging redefines the way organizations communicate, business communication is evolving. New employees enter into employment with a predisposition to communicate via a social network. The distinction between e mail and social networking as a means of communication will fade. The collaboration between the organization and the necessary infrastructure will change too. Gartner provides its transfer to the cloud, leading to an increase in sales to service providers either internalized or externalized in the cloud.

Social networks get less than 1% of the Romanian sites traffic

However, according to another study, this time by, the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Hi5) have together contributed a total of less than 1% of sites visitors in Romania. Overall standings efficiency of social networking that referrer to the sites is dominated by Facebook, Hi5 followed (with half the clicks generated by Facebook), Twitter (approximately 50% of each click generates Hi5) and far away from Myspace and LinkedIn. The only categories of web sites where Twitter beats Facebook on referrers are Money online, Jobs and Science&Technology.