New functionalities in SocrateCloud

Date: 05-05-2015
Author: Anca Cazacu

SocrateCloud, continues to develop and includes every month new functionalities, supporting both growing companies or startups to manage their businesses more efficiently. SocrateCloud - the open business platform in cloud - is addressed on one side to companies who need a complete ERP & CRM & BI functionality and on the other side to systems integrators and development partners who want to extend their business and develop new applications based on SocrateCloud infrastructure.

The first part of 2015 brings more than 100 enhancements in Commercial, Accounting and Open Items as well as big improvements in the user interface, data import, integration with other applications and API, in order to reduce the operating time, increase usability and rapidly extend the application.

The most important functionalities are below:


Open Items

Automatic reconciliation of bank statements - Shortening the processing time of bank statements through automatization of payments reconciliation with the bank statements details.

Business Partners/IBAN validation - new process that checks the correct defining of business partners banking accounts, useful when using automated export of payments from the system, case in which the IBAN codes needs to exists and to be correct.

Dunning letters - helps to rapidly recover customer balances using dunning letters for each business partner. The notification process can be launched manually or can be programmed for automatic launch with the desired frequency, or it can be set according with specific events. The existing process was completed with the possibility to produce and deliver all the generated notification letters as an archived zip. file. This variant is useful when the sending process is done by an operator, in time.



Delete costs and transfers on a certain period - a new process that simplifies the deleting and transferring operations, useful when a change in costs structure is needed, the application being global, starting from a date indicated by the operator. The process is useful also in the situation when the primary documents were not operated chronologically correct and it’s decided internally to recalculate the costs. The process offers also the possibility to use the accounting server for transferring the primary documents in chronological order, no matter how they were initially operated.



Promo Price Lists - SocrateCloud manages the price policy using price lists and promotional price lists. The standard price lists can be introduced manually or can be generated from offers. Starting with the version launched in march 2015, directly from the offer, promotional price lists can be also generated, and are applicable automatically for the business partner for which they were created.



Incident Management - for easier use, the system allows you now to automatically convert the mails sent to a specified support address in system requests. All the following actions on these requests automatically generate emails linked to the initial mail.


Data import

In order to reduce the data entry time, the data import functionality was extended with:

  • import business partners with info regarding Customer and Provider;
  • expenses import - facilitating the takeover of external sources of relevant data for services done on projects or statements of expenditure;
  • leads import - facilitating the takeover and generation of leads from external sources
  • unstocked products packs import
  • invoices with fixed terms import
  • bank statements in Unicredit and Piraeus Bank format import


User interface

Single Sign-On for SocrateBI - direct access to SocrateBI, using the SocrateCloud credentials

User preferences - preferences for reports (list type, document type or processes from which a report is generated). The preferences will keep the printed format desired by the users and the generated file format (pdf, xls, etc);



Integration with DATECS cash registers

Ongoing integration with project management software for the companies activating in constructions, installations/equipments


SocrateCloud API

SocrateCloud was opened (starting with the last 2014 quarter) in a standardized format for integration with third parties applications, respecting the RESTful principles and practices. Useful functionality for system integrators and partners who develop new applications using the infrastructure and data from SocrateCloud.

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