IoT and AR to Transform Logistics in 2016

Date: 20-01-2016
Author: Alina Răfoi

Logistics is an area about which we discuss a lot as it is an area in constant transformation. What causes this transformation? Changes in technology flows, increased production or rapid evolution of e-commerce all cause the same result: logistics transformation.
Let’s see how the future of logistics or the logistics of the future looks like!

The Internet of Things (IoT) in Logistics

We speak more often and more intense (even in Romania) about the Internet of Things and about its benefits. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the successor of Big Data and represents the interactions between single smart devices interconnected via the current Internet infrastructure. Interconnecting these devices achieves automation in almost all fields and allows the development of complex applications.
Logistics companies were among the first to adopt mobile devices as a means to manage and monitor their processes. Initially the hand-held devices that delivery drivers used delivered benefits primarily by simplifying and automating existing processes.

Today we can connect not only hand-held devices or vehicles, but also containers, forklifts, container handlers, conveyor belts, carousels, automated storage and retrieval systems, sensors in dock doors. A connect pallet for example, can tell its owner the whereabouts and condition of their shipment. A connected truck can intelligently predict its own maintenance needs.

IoT will be successfully used for instance in inventory. As a result, logistics providers will be able to track inventory faster and more efficiently, which will reduce the amount of time required in this process.


Augmented Reality (AR) Will Make Order Fulfillment Faster

Augmented Reality is top-notch 3D technology and a fantastic tool which can be used in a number of fields, among which Logistics. What benefits does AR bring to the table? First of all, in Logistics it’s compulsory that a product gets where it has to when it has to and the order fulfillment lead time is of the essence. AR can pose benefits for reception and picking processes.

DHL has successfully carried out a pilot project testing smart glasses and augmented reality in a warehouse in the Netherlands. The technology was used to implement “pick-by-vision” in warehousing operations. Staff was guided through the warehouse by graphics displayed on the smart glass to speed up the picking process and reduce errors. The pilot proved that augmented reality offers added value to logistics and resulted in a 25 percent efficiency increase during the picking process.

DHL put out a fantastic video you can watch below showing how AR is used in their  warehouse picking and slotting.


3PL Providers Will Expand Services

While manufacturers and retailers focus on maximizing efficiency, 3PL providers need to increase their flexibility and adapt to new trends. In this dynamic field, investment in flexible ERP and WMS systems becomes imperative, to enable information flow within the organization, improve supply and client order administration, track sales and invoices, manage warehouses and complete inventories. All data is synchronized in a single database and it can generate reports, so that business decision can be made  and anticipate customer behavior to have a prompter response.


SocrateCloud ERP and FluxVision WMS are two innovative systems, two key-elements to effectively manage logistics companies. They encompass over 20 years of experience and over 250 successful implementations.
Our systems enable automatic management of all processes and distribution channels , optimize inventories and storage, providing maximum flexibility in customizing specific workflows for any company.

FluxVision WMS is the first cloud warehouse management solution designed for companies that wish to automate and fully manage all storage activities for an unlimited number of entities. The breakthrough technology and continued development of the system functionalities allow its implementation in distribution, logistics or production companies, regardless of their size.

SocrateCloud ERP is a business platform that provides a complete and comprehensive economic management, customer relationship management – CRM and Business Intelligence – BI that supports business performance. Developed for modern business SocrateCloud ERP is scalable, flexible and adaptable. The biggest benefit is the organization of all business processes. Economic performance can only be achieved through good organization of the undertaken activities. Supply, inventory and customer management, cash flow, budgeting or cost center management are just a few examples of the benefits that SocrateCloud ERP brings to the table.


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