In five years, the cloud will deliver over 40% of IT services companies worldwide

Date: 07-12-2010
Author: Bit Software

Cloud's remains by far the segment of IT's most effervescent in recent years. And as the world understands what it means and, more particularly, what it provides, cloud attracts more users. A recent study in this field, developed by americans, shows that managers around the world believes that by 2015, 18% of their IT services are delivered by a public cloud solutions, and 28% by private cloud solution. According to the study, almost half of the services companies serving the business will be moved to "the cloud", a significant change compared with traditional IT infrastructures that currently exist.
According to experts, cloud computing represents an effective use of external information resources - computer servers, storage, services, applications, etc. - that can be configured in relation to the needs of each company, the beneficiary pays only what it consumes.

Cloud computing technology is viewed by specialists as the next step in the evolution of IT's and many companies consider different deployment scenarios, although very few, have developed a comprehensive strategy to guide them. In fact, only 5% of global companies have a long-term strategy for cloud computing and only 20% of them have the necessary resources to develop such a strategy. In the current economic context, where IT infrastructures are under pressure to support a high volume of services and applications at a lower cost, cloud computing solutions provide companies the flexibility they need to operate daily.

A cloud-computing project approached correctly can be a very effective way to keep costs under control and deliver, easier and faster, better quality services. It should be noted, however, that cloud computing is not a blanket solution, but rather an option which companies could increase the effectiveness of certain segments of daily activity. Some services can be best delivered on premise, in a traditional environment, while in others, to achieve maximum performance, some must be moved to the cloud or outsourced. In other words, there is no infallible recipe for success guaranteed by migration to the cloud blind. The ideal, here, is that every manager, every company, to analyze very fair and very responsible there real needs and determine the exact type of solutions for the internal environment.
And this for not paying more later, by the desire of paying now, diligently, fewer.