New Version of SocratePlus: Contract Management, Traceability and Optimizations for Logistics

Date: 02-11-2015
Author: Alina Răfoi

ERP Software Romania SocratePlus

Socrate Plus is an integrated management system developed by BITSoftware since 1994 and implemented in dozens of Romanian companies in distribution, retail and FMCG. The solution has been enriched every year with new features for ease of use and to give customers the opportunity to become more efficient. The new version comes with new features in the area of ​​logistics, contract management , document traceability, press distribution and with a friendlier and more flexible user interface. Our purpose is to make the information more accessible and reduce time spent on daily operational activities, allowing users to focus on activities that add value to the company.

Logistics and Distribution

  • Optimizing the loading lists delivered via a single screen that can both check and book stock and allocate orders. Distribution companies manage to make their logistics team more productive and efficient and to improve the picking and delivery time.
  • Cargo export to an external customer with delivery to other internal or external customers - The possibility to generate export invoices to another company than the one listed on the delivery note of the cargo, has been added

Press Distribution

  • New functionalities that cover the entire activity area for press distribution such as:
    • calculation of order proposal and press distribution
    • generation of mapping sheets
    • administering both internal and supplier’s returns
    • press records by barcodes
    • the possibility to view stock by lot numbers

Discrete Manufacturing

  • A new process - “Unfinished manufacturing launch”, that automates the generation of order and consumption sheets for the unfinished manufacturing quantity. Passing from one month to another, one work order is closed and a new one is generated for the remaining quantity.

Other functionalities and reports


  • Contracts - improvements have been made, the module allowing to manage contracts and their annexes, prices and price ranges, as well as updating prices by quantity. From now on our clients using SocratePlus can work with different terms, which can be defined separately by client and contract. For companies working on projects, it’s possible now to calculate client and supplier project profitability.

Trasabilitate documente ERP

  • Document Traceability - users can save time by accessing a visual documents history (source and generated documents), starting from the selected document. Information access, time and effort to get to the information are now all improved with only one report.
  • User Interface - new and more performant grids with a advanced filters and visualization configuration. In case of precise analysis, information can be obtained directly, without making use of other reports. Plus, information shown in these grids can be exported in excel, pdf, html, txt or cvs.
  • New Reports
    • Printing the annexe of the 394 declaration
    • Treasury report for calculating the average collection period for each customer with intervals breakdown.

About SocratePlus

SocratePlus is an intelligent modular ERP platform designed to plan and manage all resources within the organization. SocratePlus grew from year to year, and recorded in over 21 years, tens of success stories in retail, distribution and process industry. Here’s some of our success stories.

About BITSoftware

Based on more than 21 years of experience in the field, BIT Software, Ltd. is developing and implementing fully functional ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions which allows companies to improve productivity and provide better services to customers by streamlining and automating processes to achieve smart growth and sustainability goals. BITSoftware is the first company in Romania which developed an ERP system, having over the years implemented its own ERP solutions in more than 200 medium and large size companies.