Cloud Market Trends for Romania

Date: 18-11-2015
Author: Alina Răfoi

During the IMWorld 2015 event, Remus Cazacu, General Manager and Founder BITSoftware, was invited along with representatives of Microsoft Romania and Spearhead to debate the cloud market trends in Romania.

The participants concluded that the rate of cloud technology adoption is constantly growing, although it has a slight delay to other European countries. Customers are beginning to look for more productive and viable alternatives in terms of costs.

In cloud you can benefit of flexibility, performance, scalability and reduced infrastructure costs. Cloud improves the efficiency of your teams wherever they are, by offering easy access via the Internet to last-generation business solutions and by reducing infrastructure costs without sacrificing security and performance. Security is another major advantage of cloud technology. Data is encrypted using complex algorithms and the server connection is secured to the highest standards.

BITSoftware is the first company in Romania to launch an enterprise-class ERP/CRM solution in cloud, SocrateCloud – a modern, highly adaptable solution that can be available in public or private Amazon cloud.

Interested to watch the debate? Well, here it is!