An ERP system can make your company more attractive for investors

Date: 04-04-2011
Author: Bit Software

erp investment

The most common question on almost every manager lips is „Why do I need an ERP system?”. And the answers provided by the ERP suppliers are: to reduce costs and to increase your profit, to ensure a high quality of accounting information, for a healthy and steady growth, to streamline and control of one of the key departments (such as the finance department) and many more. But it is highly possible that none of those answers convinces a manager to take the decision of implementing an ERP solution.

But I find interesting the answer provided by Conrad Steyn, director of business advice organisation Barnstone Consulting. He stated that „investing in ERP solution can make a company a more attractive prospect for potential investors”.


Why? Because, in his view, the potential investors are looking for organisations that operate with due diligence and can demonstrate strong growth prospects. Also, Steyn said that „an ERP investment is a long-term investment, even if the return on investment might not show up immediately” and such a thing can help a company to create an accurate level of reporting and a strong control over all business practices.


The conclusion that rises, therefore, is that the implementation of ERP solution is a smart investment not only for company, but potential investors think so too.


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