Why does a BI Implementation Fail?

Date: 27-04-2011
Author: Bit Software



In a discussion started on Business Intelligence Professionals Group on LinkedIn, 276 BI specialists have tried to answer to a simple question: why does a BI implementations fail and how can specialists prevent this from happening again and again and again and ...

Although each of the respondents see somewhat different the answer to that question, finally they reached the same results, grouped into two categories: reasons to fail and reasons to succeed.

So, let's see together a few reasons for which the BI Implementation fails:

1) Not enough data to make history.
2) The company management does not have proper hierarchy.
3) The BI solution is designed for Managers to help them make quick decision and they should know what they want and to be able to read the analysis and reports in these tools.
4) The critical users are not being involved in the process from the beginning.
5) Ineffective or incompetent project management.
6) The misunderstanding of the business needs.

BI Implementations will succeed when there is a:

1) Good Business Analyst who understands Business. This is a role that can act as a bridge gap between Functional Experts and IT / BI Experts.
2) Good Dimensional models with flexibility to enhance future requirements. Basically well thought out models expecting future rquirements.
3) Requirements understanding between data modelers, Data integrators and Reporting people.
4) Proper resource and project management.
5) User friendly, self-help oriented and designed for the users and not for IT experts.
6) Identify how the business needs fit into the current BI architecture.

What do you think?

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