What should companies consider before investing in a BI solution?

Date: 15-07-2011
Author: Bit Software

BI Solution is an important part of many companies as everyone today needs access to data. But what is the key element to consider before investing in any BI soultion? What things are key to be thought through and possible downsides of investing in a BI solution? Things to consider will differ between companies, because every has different architecture and requirements for a BI Solution.
According to discussions on one of the groups on Linkedin, are some things to follow before designing a BI Solution for any company:
- The current state of ERP implementation and data gathering in the database.
- Data warehouse requirements: This will bring up multiple questions based on requirements
- Reporting requirements: Operational reports, Analytical reports, Dashboards.
- Security on Data Access
- Frequency of Reports
- Distriution of Reports
This is just an overview of question you should ask before deciding on a BI Solution. What is your thoughts?



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