We have a special offer for Google Apps Premier Edition

Date: 14-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

The environment around us is changing fast. The amount of information increases. Many of them are related to business, many are personal, but all of them are important. And managing all this information became very difficult. Furthermore, the collaboration is a key element in today’s business. And since the Internet is everywhere, our expectation is to make the data available anytime and anywhere, in order to act quickly, but in a secure environment.

BITSoftware, GoogleApps Authorized Resseler, offers Google Applications, a suite of online communication and collaboration tools, already used by over 4 million companies worldwide. Google Apps means a set of intuitive applications like Gmail, Gtalk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Groups and Google Sites, which needs no hardware or software acquisitions and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and with any web browser, including mobile devices. And, very important, with saving in operational costs of almost 60%.

Now, we have a special offer for you: Companies that are buying Google Apps Premier Edition from BITSoftware, until January 15, 2012, for a minimum of 10 users, will receive free Google account installation and activation support and free DNS hosting.



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