Traceability - the new challenge for Romanian meat industry

Date: 04-07-2011
Author: Bit Software

The traceability is an important component of the requirements imposed to food industry by the European Union. And means the need of controlling the history of a meat product, from raw material until the final product and its location after sale or distribution. In other words, by traceability the manufacturing process conforms to the European legislation and quality standards.

What this means? For example, when a contamination occurs, the meat manufacturer will have to remove its entire production from the market. And that because the identification of compromised lots will not be possible in the absence of a solution able to store all information related to raw materials entered in their composition. For any producer who wish to increase profit, its essential to be able to track the raw materials sources, the processing of those materials, the products lots on batch, the returns and losses.

For this reason, the purchasing of an IT system has become a essential condition for Romanian meat producers and processors to fulfill both EU requirements and increase profit. Unfortunately, most Romanian meat producers do not buy whole systems of production management activities, do not implement an ERP solution, but only a few modules which do not concern automation.

According to a marketing research performed by students at Economics and Business Administration Faculty from Babeş Bolyai University, only 48% from the Romanian companies bought a software to control the production process and other 19% took into consideration adoption of software solutions for traceability reasons. 33 procents of romanian meat producers not have budget for such an investment, not heard from the existence of such software or failed to identify on the market a software that meet their business needs.

In such conditions, the question I ask is: will be able the Romanian meat producers and processors to face competition and to comply with traceability rules without purchasing any IT systems for production chain management?




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