The role, responsibilities and activities of client Project Manager in an ERP implementation project

Date: 03-05-2011
Author: Bit Software

Most of the companies who are looking to implement an ERP system have a great dilemma: which is the role of the client project manager, in what areas of project management he is involved?

The key goals of any ERP implementation project are to complete it within the established time and budget, with a high degree of customer satisfaction. For this reason, the client Project Manager is responsible, first of all, for ensuring that all customer requirements are planned and executed in a manner that will meet the implementation goals for the project. Second, the client Project Manager will serve as a liaison between the implementation team and the management of the organization. He should submit regular reports to the project progress, project risks or additional required resources. Last, but not least, the client Project Manager manages the availability of key users in the organization.

A discussion about this problem took place recently in the ERP Project Management Group on LinkedIn. After I read more than one hundred comments, I made ​​the following typical activities list of client project manager:
• Prepare and conduct customer/Vendor meetings
• Support and accept the planning of the Implementation phase
• Review and support decision for the project scope
• Acceptance of implementation proposal
• Initiate project planning of all project phases
• Assign adequate resources to the project
• Prepare and conduct the kickoff meeting
• Approve project charges such as travel expenses, equipment, or billable time
• Create and communicate project status reports to the project stakeholders
• Manage the defined budget and budget changes
• Ensure quality and timeliness for the services
• Ensure customer acceptance for delivered services
• Project closing
• Hand over to support team

Do you know others roles, responsibilities or activities that the client project manager must do, could do or don't have to do? If yes, please share them with us.



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