SocrateOpen 2.6 was realesed

Date: 13-07-2011
Author: Bit Software

The new version of the open source ERP / CRM application SocrateOpen just said „Hello world!” The 2.6 version cames with a series of new improvements and adaptabilities coming to support companies activating in services, construction, telecommunications, distribution, discrete manufacturing and agro.

BITSoftware ERP&CRM solution

For companies activating in distribution, there are two major improvements: adjusting the automatic calculation of requisition, eliminating non-selling stocks when such objects exists in the company structure, and for delivery logistics, controlling the returnable packs and training packages as an activity of shipments preparation. What does it mean? A smoother purchasing process, with a high degree of inventory optimization, reduced operating time, lower incidents of stock delivery and better control on packs stocks.

From the perspective of Profit&Loss analysis per employee, especially useful for companies operating in services, it was added the possibility to set value-added hours norms related to projects and jobs types.

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