Gartner: Business Intelligence market will grow for several years from now

Date: 11-05-2011
Author: Bit Software

According to a study published by Gartner, the Business Intelligence market increased by 13,4% in 2010, the total value of the global BI market reaching $ 10.5 billion. The growth reflects the customers interest for business efficiency solutions and competitive advantage achievement in economic crisis time. Regarding to Gartner, the BI market is 59% controlled by the major vendors, such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and MicroStrategy.

The Matrix
Regarding the BI market, Gartner has some interesting predictions for the coming years:
- because more and more business applications users will want access to a BI tool, the market will continue the upward trend.
- in order for more people to access business analysis, the BI tools will become more simple and easier to decode.
- BI vendors will make increasing emphasis on providing information through mobile devices, especially on tablets.
- BI applications will be adapted to fit the new trend: high operation speed and touch screen.
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