Fleet Management - efficiency, control, operational cost savings

Date: 02-06-2011
Author: Bit Software

vehicle fleet

In a time when the market forces companies to lower profits to maximum in order to earn new contracts, every penny spent elsewhere counts. And if, as a company, you own a large vehicles fleet over which you have no control whatsoever regarding its efficiency and productivity, that can mean your exclusion from the market or even bankruptcy.

But there is a solution by which you can control all costs involved by a fleet of vehicles and / or machines and you can have a clear image on undertaken activities, expenses and events occurring in the fleet. And this solution its named SocrateOpen Fleet Management. And with it, identifying and tracking each vehicle or machine is very easy. SO Fleet Management allows a comprehensive vehicle/equipment description with information on technical data (type, engine, category, capacity), registration data (temporary/final), procurement contract type (credit, leasing, custody, etc.), costs, maintenance, historical and planned inspections, rentals.

Also, it is a lot easier to operate mechanism by which the vehicles are allocated on people and by which the official report/protocol can be printed in small or detailed forms. Plus, with this solution you can track the insurance contract on each vehicle as standard functionality, the administrator being notified within a predefined number of days before the expiration of each insurance policy. The mechanism can be also applied to other car components with a validity period, like first aid kits or fire extinguishers.

What is extremely important to know is that in SocrateOpen Fleet Management was created a mechanism that allocates costs on resources, allowing the possibility to group them by source or cost categories, in order to obtain the profitability on vechicle.

What does this mean for your business? In short, efficiency, control, operational cost savings. You seem a bit?



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