Five reasons for a successfull BI implementation

Date: 23-09-2011
Author: Bit Software

I read a lot about BI implementations failure. I wrote myself an article about it few months ago. But I have a question: what a BI implementation need to succeed? I ask this question also to the members of Business Intelligence Professionals on LinkedIn.

And after reading almost 400 comments, I was able to make a short list of 5 things that will help a BI implementation process to succeed:

1. The presence of a Good Business Analyst who understands business and who has a zeal for technology.This is a role that can bridge gap between functional experts and IT- BI experts.

2. A Good Dimensional models with flexibility to enhance future requirements. Basically well thought out models expecting future rquirements.

3. Requirements understanding between data modelers, data integrators and reporting people.

4. A proper resource and project management.

5. User friendly, self-help oriented and designed for the users and not for IT experts, because constantly needing an IT person to run SQL, MDX or complex reports is a slow and unproductive process for everyone.

If all the 5 are there, no project will fail... At least this is the experts opinion.



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