Complete control over project’s fulfillment with SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module

Date: 15-12-2011
Author: Bit Software

As we announced a month ago, SocrateBI solution is composed of several modules, so we will continue to talk today about PCAM (Project Controlling Analysis Module), addressed to companies working on projects.

Need for controlling emerge especially from the companies need to be more successful, the main goal of controlling being to increase efficiency. Sometimes, even with a project management solution implemented and an internal project management team, some projects fail to meet objectives. Why? Because many companies use empirical data analysis tools, which do not provide automated alerts or real-time information to ensure that the user has the information needed to make the appropriate correction.

With SocrateBI`s Project Controlling Analysis Module, your organization gains insights on the project realization in term of planning, budgeted and realized. The module has been designed to offer information on one hand about the number of hours spent on different activities, tasks, phases and projects, and on the other hand to see at a glance if the projects are over budget or the number of planned hours exceeded. PCAM provides an integrated view of data with an intuitive flexible display that can be personalised to every business user, and your team can easily integrate and display data from ERP.

With SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module you can:

- determine available projects, spent, working hours, time until the end of projects.
- monitor the time spent by each employee on project and drill to phase, task and activity.
- overview of OHE planned and realized by Project Type.
- monitor Project Fulfillment in terms of cost, committed, planned and invoiced amounts.
- discover correlation between planned to start and started projects as well as planned to end and closed projects.

SocrateBI’s Project Controlling Analysis Module, built on MicroStrategy platform, provides more than 23 performance metrics and over 10 key reports to help companies control the project’s fulfillment, time spent by employees, planned versus finished projects.



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