Can be the BI successful in The Cloud


Date: 14-03-2011
Author: Bit Software

I read recently that the general consensus is that the Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics in the cloud is a fast growing market, with an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.4% through 2013.
But there are some questions that still awaiting answers from experts. One of those questions is „Do I should move all the data, warehouses and associated processes in the cloud?” And this because at the moment, for the most enterprises, not only all the data warehouses are on-premise, but the majority of the business systems that feed data into these warehouses are on-premise as well.
The second important question is: „The databases can run natively on the cloud?”
The majority of on-premise data warehouses run on some flavor of a columnar database and the most Business Intelligence tools use SQL to access data from these data warehouses. So, the big problem is that these databases are not inherently designed to run natively on the cloud.
Finally, another very important question is: „How work on the cloud the I/O virtualization?” In other worlds, one of the major issues with the large data warehouses is, well, the data itself. Any kind of complex query typically involves an intensive I/O computation. But, the I/O virtualization on the cloud, simply does not work for large data sets.
So that for Business Intelligence in the cloud to be successful, what we really need is ability for scale-out block I/O, just like scale-out computing.