BITSoftware`s Conference for customers and partners, the place from where you leave smarter and more anxious to evolve

Date: 09-02-2011
Author: Bit Software

The sixth edition of BITSoftware`s Conference for customers and partners, held on February 4th, has become an important event for the software market, bringing together national and multinational companies from distribution, food industry, logistics, manufacturing, auto dealers, retail, telecommunications, construction, services professional. The event is organized each year and has been specifically designed to bring together the customers of Socrate+ and SocrateOpen applications.

During this event, company representatives presented modules and functionalities developed in 2010, the new technology integrated in ours ERP systems, development plans for 2011 and the new products which BITSoftware will attack this year the Business Intelligence market. Juergen Loeffelsender (photo), MicroStrategy sales manager for Europe, has shown to customers who were present at the conference why they need a Business Intelligence solution and why they need Microstrategy's Business Intelligence solution, available in Romania through BITSoftware, official reseller of MicroStrategy Inc. The need and opportunity to use a BI solution was also sustained by Sorin Niţu, Kraft Food CEEMEA manager, which presented the results and benefits of implementing a Business Intelligence solution from BITSoftware to the Kraft operations in the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania ), solution to be implemented also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

But beyond the opportunity to present the achievements of the previous year, the company's portfolio of products or development directions for the current year, the BITSoftware Conference for customers and partners is the ideal place to exchange views and experiences with users or between users, or to find out the customer complaints related to the use of ERP solutions proposed BITSoftware. And perhaps most important, is the ideal place to learn about the real needs of customers across the functionalities or modules that should be developed in the near future.

One thing is certain. Just as one of our customers said, from the BITSoftware Conference you leave smarter and more anxious to evolve, whether you're the customer, partner or organizer.



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