Automatic Project Login Web Addon

Date: 12-09-2011
Author: Bit Software

I've noticed that in my experience, most users log into a single project. Either because there's only one project in the environment, or because the projects are specific to their department or function and it's the only one they have access to. With that, it's always slightly annoyed me that a user has to login and then click to access the single project they have.

I've wanted to build a web addon for a long time that would automatically send a user to their project if they've only got access to one, but still present the normal project list to someone with access to many. I'm not very good with the Web SDK and have only done some very basic stuff, but I finally had success with this project and was able to somewhat accomplish it. It's not perfect, and I think it could be a lot better, but I'd like to share it today because I've encountered a few other people who thought this feature would be useful. Also, if you are familiar with the Web SDK and think you can improve upon it, by all means please do so and drop any feedback in the comments section!

I'll try to go step by step so that this is not only a "here's the addon", but a tutorial of sorts with using the Web SDK. Although I've done a few other Java Web SDK posts, they're centered around using the Java components for stand alone apps, and not customizing Web functionality. I don't think I know enough to do a comprehensive post on the subject, so here I'll just share what I learned in this exercise.

By the way, here's the addon if you just want it and don't care.


by Bryan Brandow

(This article was first published on Bryan`s MicroStrategy Blog)



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