A sort of „Foreword” or „Welcome!”

Date: 20-11-2010
Author: Bit Software

Periodically, something is trendy: flaring pants, mini skirt, hair in the wind, desktops, notebooks, Windows, Linux, mobile, iPad's, and more. And each time, the broad masses of people adopt the fashionable. Not because they believe in it, need it or because they couldn't live without it. But just to be „cool”.

It`s the same even when we want to implement new IT solutions. There are many who do this step just because others did it or because they received a recommendation to that from the creators of those IT solutions. From a certain point of view, such an acquisition is not neglected. But to implement an IT solution for the sake of being "the crowd", without prior analysis of their real needs and the benefits arising - on short, medium or long term, this depends on the vision and expectations of every manager -, it could be a management mistake.

This blog is not intended to be „a different kind of advertising” for BITSoftware`s products - although many of them will be promoted on this channel -, but a place where professionals and lay persons from/in the field will be able to express their thoughts about the future of IT solutions, about necessity or futility of some of these solutions, and, generally, about anything he sees fit and related, however small, with IT world commonly and software`s world in particular.



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