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Socrate Payroll is a software solution used by medium and large Romanian companies to define and manage the personnel structure, record of wages rights, holidays, medical leaves and other entitlements or deductions that may apply to the employee or the business.


The new cloud version of Socrate Payroll offers greater flexibility and scalability, ease of use, while maintaining the necessary functionality and compliance with legislation.

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✔︎Flexible pricing

Cloud* and subscription based service.

* It requires an internet connection, an operating system and a free Windows client.

✔︎ Ready for large volumes of data

The application interface has different screens for data import from external files (Microsoft Excel) for processing large volumes of data (eg. providing employee benefits), significantly reducing operating time compared to manually enter data for each employee.

✔︎ Easy to use

Friendly interface, in Romanian, simplified menus with relevant information, flexible reporting, easy to modify by users with no IT skills.

✔︎ Easy configuration

Most legislative settings can be made through the user interface, enabling short-time operation within the new legislative parameters.

✔︎ Mature Solution

20 years of partnership with customers in different verticals (retail, distribution, construction, oil and gas) brought maturity, complexity and product stability to Socrate Payroll.

✔︎ Rapid deployment

Users have access to the necessary resources for quickly learning to use the application (tutorials, online documentation accessible from the application interface). In addition, the application training doesn’t take more than 8 hours. The subsequent questions and other implementation services are provided by specialized consultants, with a broad  experience in the payroll and area of remuneration.


The advantages of a cloud-based

payroll application 



No upfront investment

Zero investments in server or software licences acquisition, thereby reducing infrastructure costs.


No upgrade costs ZERO

The upgrades to the newest SQL Azure and Socrate Payroll versions are free.


No server cost

Hardware maintenance is undertaken by the service provided by Azure Cloud. Uninterruptible power supply equipment for servers is also history.

Data privacy

The Network administrator no longer has access to confidential data from the payroll database.


Data security

Socrate Payroll runs in Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Cloud Service provides back-up to the minute for 14 days.



The app is accessible anytime and everywhere as long as you have access to a Windows OS and an internet connection.


Prepaid annual subscription 

Prepaid monthly subscription

 Tip instanță cloud

Dedicated cloud instance

Minimum no. of employees

Last 14 days back-upack-up

Request response time

Managed BD instance




7 € / employee / year

0.7 € / employee / lună



4 h @ 5/7



✔︎ What’s the subscription’s duration?

You can choose between monthly or annual subscription per number of employees. You can suspend your subscription after the end of the contract period. A pro rata is not calculated for the suspended period.

✔︎ How to activate my subscription?

After you complete the subscription form with all the requested information, you will receive the login credentials within two working days.

✔︎ Is there a discount for the annual subscription?

Yes, the cost of the annual subscription is 17% lower than the monthly subscription.


✔︎ How long does it take to implement the


Implementation services are available on request for a fee and the solution implementation is achieved in one day (8 hours).

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Socrate Payroll Customers


20 years of collaboration with customers in different vertical (retail, distribution, construction, oil and gas) brought maturity, complexity and stability to Socrate Payroll. Some examples of companies using Socrate Payroll:


RCS&RDS, a major telecom company with over 10,000 employees manages its considerable personnel dynamics and development projects with Socrate Payroll and SocrateCloud.


Oil Terminal, the largest sea operator in the South-Eastern Europe, specializing in conveying oil, petroleum products and petrochemical fluids and other products and raw materials in order to import / export and transit, which has recorded several categories of employees working under special conditions and special work and  provides specific calculation and reporting.


Premium Aerotec, an important player in civil and military aeronautics, manufactures aircraft structures for the entire global market, with a significant number of employees serving the company's activity, uses an  electronic timekeeping system integrated with Socrate Payroll.


Alum Tulcea is a plant with more than 700 employees, operating the hydrometallurgical processing of bauxite to obtain alumina oxide, the raw material for the production of aluminum. Socrate Payroll manages the multiple bonuses for the working conditions, and the system of other employee benefits.


Tremag Tulcea, manufacturer of refractories (fire brick), manages the bonuses of its specific activity and salaries with Socrate Payroll.



Hortifruct SRL along with the other businesses in the group are the first and only organization of producers in Romania and South East Europe for the "fruits and vegetables" product group with an important staff dynamics and seasonal laborer.


Domeniile Viticole Tohani, a very well known wines producer and distributor, manages 1300 ha of vineyards and a great number of employees and seasonal workers. With Socrate Payroll they report incomes from salaries, royalties and land rent.


A prestigious and very well known on the international market Romanian company specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling low voltage electrical motors and generators. With over 250 employees, Umeb uses SocratePlus and Socrate Payroll to automatically generate accounting reports for its departments and cost centers.